This page lists some of the people with whom I have done research.

Correll Lab

My advisor was Nikolaus Correll – he is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Their research is mostly in swarm robots and smart materials. He has been in the press recently:

I co-authored a paper with Andy McEvoy on assembly stability. He has since gone on to smart materials, and has recently had an article featured in Science.

I co-authored a few papers with former post-doc Dustin Reishus, who was instrumental in helping to mathematically formalize what *was* Intelligent Scaffolding, and is now Intelligent Precision Jigging Robots. He went to Google in 2013.

I have no common papers with Michael Otte, but we have had countless discussions about math and algorithms. Multi-robot path planning is his specialty. The following video demonstrates a tiny robot path planning with the RRT-X algorithm while dodging Pac-Men and saw blades.


John Dorsey was my NSTRF mentor, and now I work in his robotics group at Langley Research Center. Bill Doggett has also been a key mentor for my NASA work. The following video shows Dorsey, Tom Jones, and Judith Watson assembling the space telescope truss that served as the motivation for my dissertation.

Vytas SunSpiral, a senior roboticist at Ames Research Center, works on tensegrity robots. I first met him in 2012, and have been looking for a way to collaborate with him ever since. His latest work is the SuperBall Bot, a proposed tensegrity robot that can land as-is on Mars, absorb the impact with its topology, and then start rolling around on the surface. Watch the video below to see the SuperBall Bot.

Reachability Sets

Liz Bradley, CS Professor at CU-Boulder, does research in AI and nonlinear dynamics. Our Reachability Set research grew out of a class project in her Chaotic Dynamics class.

Dan Scheeres is an Aerospace Engineering Sciences professor at CU-Boulder. He was a professor at Michigan when I was an undergrad, and I took one of his courses, but we did not start working together until Colorado.

Joshua Garland briefly took over the Reachability Set research, which required him to make sense of all my old code and redo it to run more nicely.